Why 505?

Why are we the first choice of our clients?

We set higher standards and nurture a collaborative approach with you, our clients. Only by doing this we can provide and feel our comprehensive contribution to your success story. We are proud to follow our philosophy:

Focused on HTL industry

We are exclusively focused on hospitality and tourism. Our team has vast experience working with investors, hospitality companies, and tourism boards in South-East Europe and the international market, thus understanding the local and regional markets and HTL industries.

Hands-on Experience

Our long-standing experience in hospitality and tourism consultancy and real estate is the key to practical problem-solving for any need of our clients. We have completed hundreds of consultancy assignments in South-East Europe and worldwide, ensuring the benefits for our clients in tourism project development, hospitality operation, asset management and destination management.

Expert Knowledge

Our team combines the knowledge and multidisciplinary expertise of seasoned local and international consultants specialised in hospitality, tourism and real-estate. We have blended the advantages of international consulting best practices with expertise in local markets throughout South-East Europe.

Custom Tailored

We create unique solutions to meet your specific needs, recognising your project's or organisation's distinctive character. We believe it is worthwhile to do our utmost to understand your requirements. Therefore, each of our projects is developed from the ground up, following the client-centric approach.

Research & Innovation Driven

We are proud of the unbiased methodologies we apply in our work. They are based on our continuous market and HTL industry research and analyses. Thatswhy we can fully understand various clients' needs, anticipate trends, and provide innovative solutions that bring considerable benefits to our clients.


We work with most of our clients over the years, therefore highly motivated to maximise positive outcomes of our strategies or concepts being implemented. Our team's result-focused mindset and the application of best practices boost the quality, efficiency, and profitability of our clients' projects or organisations.

Highly Responsive

As a project-based organisation, we organise our teams according to the specific requirements of each project, therefore being able to respond to every client request promptly and with an outstanding capability to take care of each detail in the process.

Reliable and Friendly

We believe a harmonious relationship with the clients is essential. Reliability, responsibility, impartial advice and a pleasant cooperation experience are the key ingredients in advising our clients.