Valuation report and assessment of tourism market potential for the winery brand

505 savjetovanje consulting


Our client is one of the leading winery brands in Croatia, which grows grapes in their vineyards and produces well-known labels of wine for domestic and international markets. The owner has the intention to expand the business in the tourism niche and asked us to provide an impartial assessment of market and business potential. Based on this assessment, our task was to conduct the company's valuation according to RICS standards.


Our engagement has been divided into two stages:

  • Since the company's value is determined by its ability to generate business, we started with an impartial assessment of market and business potential in wine production and sales and in the tourism niche. For this purpose, we have conducted a thorough market and competitive analysis and internal audit. We have assessed the client's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats from this starting point, keeping in mind the expected market outlook.
  • We have discussed the development vision and business strategies with the owners and management and formulated an investment plan for the mid-term period. Based on this, we have evaluated the company's future financial performance by preparing detailed financial projections. According to international professional standards and regulations (RICS and IVS), the valuation report has been based on several valuation methods.

  • Increased awareness of the owners on the current and future market positioning, vision and business strategies, and market opportunities in the tourism sector
  • An impartial and consistent valuation of the company according to RICS and IVS standards