Introduction of USALI reporting and budgeting system into the hospitality company

505 savjetovanje consulting


Our client is one of the most successful hospitality companies in Croatia, which had previously introduced the USALI reporting system (Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry). However, due to the later developments of the USALI, the reporting was outdated and not in line with the relatively complex operating structure of the company. The client invited us to set up the latest, 11th edition USALI reporting and budgeting system to have an efficient tool for monitoring operating results.


Our engagement has been divided into two stages:

  • We felt the success of this assignment was not only related to purely setting up the structure or the reporting and budgeting system, but dominantly with understanding the organisation structure and cooperation with management in the implementation of the system.
  • Therefore, first, we structured the reporting areas in line with the responsibility matrix in collaboration with the executive team. This enabled us to set up the reporting system and thoroughly design it in every detail, working together with the management of the controlling department.
  • We developed the budgeting solution based on the 11th USALI edition and conducted a series of workshops with operational management regarding the implementation of the system and its usage.

  • An efficient tool for reporting according to industry standards (USALI), implemented in the entire organisational structure
  • Budgeting procedures and budgeting solution, in line with USALI 11th edition
  • Improved engagement of the operational management in the monitoring of operating results