The concept of tourist valorisation of the cultural and historical heritage of the castle

505 savjetovanje consulting


The subject castle is an impressive building, a pearl of Croatian cultural and historical heritage that belongs to the first monumental category and is located in inland Croatia. The restoration process has partially begun under the supervision of national cultural authorities. Our client, the castle owner, invited us to propose the overall concept of its tourist valorisation by combining the preservation of cultural and historical heritage and hospitality functions.


Our multidisciplinary team with cultural, market, operational, technical, architectural and financial expertise have approached the assignment in the following way:

We conducted a thorough analysis of the historical and cultural heritage of the castle, its location and its physical characteristics. We aimed to understand all the castle's relevant features to sustainably combine its cultural and commercial function by introducing hospitality facilities in the part of the building.

An in-depth benchmark analysis has been made focused on the best practices of castles with hospitality operations and the best cases of responsible castles restorations.

We conducted detailed market and competitive analyses and assessed a market outlook. Based on a market strategy that we developed, we evaluated the market potential of the castle and provided the responsible concept of tourist valorisation of the castle.

Based on the market strategy we proposed, we developed the concept and experience scope, proposed branding and operational model, and created the financial projections.

  • Concept of tourist revitalisation which balances preservation of cultural heritage and hospitality operation
  • Optimised market strategy
  • Impartial analysis of project market and business potential