Tourism development strategy of the city & municipality

505 savjetovanje consulting


Our client is the city /municipality located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, which intensively develops tourism due to its attractive and abundant seaside and continental resources. The client has published the tender for Tourism Development Strategy for the next ten years. We are a part of a larger expert team working on the development of the Tourism strategy.


The team in which we participated formulated the following methodological framework for the development of the Tourism strategy:

  • objective and systematic consideration of potential strategic advantages on which tourism and tourism entrepreneurs of the municipality must capitalise, but also identification of strategic shortcomings and development constraints whose harmful effects should be minimised in the years to come,
  • defining clear principles of tourism development based on which the future tourism development vision and mission will be specified, but also specific goals and concepts of tourism development of the municipality as a whole, as well as individual clusters,
  • identification of activities whose successful and timely implementation will enable an approach to the set development vision,
  • reaching consensus between public authorities, key public sector institutions and private entrepreneurs on all relevant long-term development issues.

  • A tourism development strategy thatwill foster tourism development of the city/municipality based on the environmental, social and economic sustainability principles
  • Increased understanding of stakeholders on various aspects of tourism development, enabling their higher engagement in its implementation