Strategic advisory to the national tourism industry association

505 savjetovanje consulting


Our client is the national tourism industry association formed as an umbrella association encompassing hotel and camping associations and the largest hospitality companies in the country. The aim is to represent the interests of the tourism sector and serve as an agile social partner to the Government in initiating and negotiating the processes that might increase the competitiveness of the national travel industry. We have personally provided strategic and business advisory for the association from its founding to define the mission, goals, areas of activity, and business structure. In consultation with the executive management, we have prepared various market and economic analyses providing in-depth analysis and recommendations regarding the key current issues of the tourism industry in the country.


In cooperation with the association's executives, we have developed and prepared the quarterly publication on key trends in the country's tourism industry. This publication aims to point out the opportunities for more substantial national tourism growth, assess the challenges ahead, and offer solutions through stimulating debate among key decision-makers and stakeholders in the sector. As an impartial analysis with focused recommendations, the publication is an efficient tool to increase public awareness of the key issues important for the country's tourism sector.

  • Strategic advisory supporting the executive management of the association with regards to the topics important for the tourism sector
  • Impartial expert market and economic analyses with recommendations, focusing the key challenges of the tourism sector