Reorganisation and job descriptions for the upscale hotel & resort

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A private equity owner has bought an upscale four-star hotel & resort in one of the most attractive destinations on the Montenegro coast and invested in the product upgrading. Hotel & resort is an independently managed, 4-star hotel with 220+ rooms, several F&B outlets, spa&wellness, a conference centre, and a large beach operation. The owner of Hotel & Resort wants to streamline the processes according to industry standards and invited us to provide a proposal for an optimum macro and micro organisation and a Manning guide, with the guidelines for implementation.


In consultation with the owner's representative and executive management team, we have designed and implemented three phases of an agile transformation over several months:

  • Understanding the market and competitive position of the Hotel & Resort, and its operational results, and it's productivity. We conducted market research, operational review and KPIs analyses, which showed the hotel&resort is one of the leading hotel properties in the neighbouring riviera. However, although the people made considerable efforts to run the operation, productivity was below average due to unclear processes.
  • We were comprehending the hotel's company culture, current organisation and processes, management matrix and responsibility patterns. Our team conducted this phase via a series of structured interviews and workshops with the management of all departments. We conducted a gap analysis compared to hotel industry best practices and identified areas that needed improvement.
  • Proposal of macro organisation has been done for the transitional period, and final, the optimal organisation for which specific prerequisites should be achieved. We defined the responsibilities of each department, management matrix and intra-departmental communication patterns. We proposed the Manning guide and job descriptions for all positions, aligning the processes and productivity with industry standards. Guidelines for the implementation of the organisation have been provided.

  • Streamlined organisation & structured processes
  • Manning guide in line with industry standards, oriented to improve productivity
  • Clear responsibilities and job descriptions
  • Detailed guidelines for implementation of the reorganisation