Post-Covid recovery marketing and sales advisory for the hospitality company

505 savjetovanje consulting


Our client is a company with a differentiated tourism portfolio and is one of the hospitality top performers in the country. As a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, market performance has been significantly decreased, and the market outlook is highly uncertain. The client has invited us to support the marketing and sales team to prepare the activities for a swift recovery.


Our work has been done in sequential steps over several months. The objectives included increasing the understanding of current changes in a market environment among the marketing & sales team, providing insight into the market trends and assuring an agile transformation of the company's marketing and sales system to gain a better competitive position.

  • As the first step, we presented and discussed the contemporary tourism market trends: changes in demand, new products and the market outlook; we discussed the trends with the marketing and sales team to increase their awareness of the current situation and market outlook.
  • Based on the innovative methodological pattern we developed during the Covid-19 pandemic, we assessed the commercial resilience of the company and recommended risk management activities to address key commercial challenges. This was the basis for the next step regarding the activity and budget planning for the recovery period.
  • In consultation with the marketing and sales team, we thoroughly analysed the Marketing and sales activity plan and budget against the needs related to current and predictive market trends. We proposed and discussed recommendations for aligning the activities and budget to assure swift recovery.
  • In a series of subsequent sessions and workshops with the marketing and sales team, we addressed key issues specific to the client, which will help the company better adapt to new market circumstances in the recovery period. Our discussions and recommendations, based on industry best-practices, included the way of communication with the market in the post-Covid period, product structuring alined with new requirements of the market, price positioning, booking and payment terms for the product portfolio of the client, structuring od guest database and loyalty program etc.

  • Increased awareness of the current market changes and the company's competitive position, strengths and weaknesses
  • Straightforward marketing and sales activity plan and budget, adapted to market targets in the post-covid recovery period
  • Hands-on and practical support in resolving the specific marketing and sales issues of the company, helping the client to achieve a swift recovery