Post-Covid-19 emergency response advisory for the hospitality sector


In the context of an unprecedented crisis that seriously affected the hospitality and tourism industry worldwide, an international financial institution that fosters the transition towards open market-oriented economies and promotes private and entrepreneurial initiatives has organised a series of online webinars for HTL sectors in South-East Europe. The program was managed through the national offices of an international organisation and in partnership with the hoteliers association. The hospitality industry is faced with numerous commercial, operational and financial challenges as the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. The goal is to build the management capacity of the HTL industry to be able to recover swift after the pandemic.

We acted as a regional team coordinator of the educational program for the hospitality industry of Croatia and Montenegro and the lecturers at several modules. We have assembled the task force consisting of senior international and local advisers and industry specialists.


The webinars for the hospitality industry are focused on sharing advanced knowledge in the fields of strategic management, sustainability, investments, sales and marketing, revenue management, human resources, hotel operations, and performance management. The best practices of the international hospitality industry are presented, thus being the agile help and support to hospitality management in the recovery period.

  • Successful knowledge transfer
  • Increase of hospitality management motivation to cope with the recovery
  • Awareness of trends, innovations and industry best practices