Comparative financial analysis of hospitality companies listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange

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Our client is the hospitality company listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE). The client is interested to understand its competitive financial position against other hospitality companies operating on the ZSE, from the various operational performance and economic aspects. The client has invited us to prepare the comparative financial analysis of the hospitality companies listed on the ZSE, which have a similar portfolio of hospitality assets.


This comprehensive comparative financial analysis has been done based on the publicly available data (financial reports of the hospitality companies listed on the ZSE). To track the trends, we produce this analysis on a quarterly and annually basis.

The analysis compares the client's company indicators with other tourism companies listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange. Comparisons have been made with: cumulative of all hospitality companies listed on the ZSE, a cumulative of 20 tourism companies on the ZSE, c lusters of large and medium-sized enterprises of the tourism sector on ZSE, and each company separately. The analysis pursues a right dynamics of analysis throughout the year suited to the tourism sector: Q1, H1, Q1-Q3, and full-year.

In analysis, we have used standard business and financial indicators, such as Market environment evaluation; Financial stability, liquidity and indebtedness; Activity indicators; Business performance indicators; Shares of operating expenses groups in operating revenue; Change rates of revenues, operating expenses groups and operating profit; Employment and payroll indicators; Financial leverage and return on investments.

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