Business plan and valuation report for the camping site

505 savjetovanje consulting


Our client is a hospitality company with a differentiated portfolio of assets, with a high-volume camping business. The client invited us to prepare the Business plan and a valuation report for an upscale campsite to optimise its future development potential. The objective was to independently assess its product and competitive position, evaluate planned product development against market trends, and impartially analyse its future business performance and calculate its market value.


In developing the Business plan, we started with an extensive external and internal analysis. It was focused on camping market trends, competitive analyses and a campsite product analysis, management practices, sustainability standards and performance. In this stage, we identified its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats. This served as a starting point for an impartial assessment of the camping's competitive position and input in the planning stage.

We assessed mid-term product development and investment plans and prepared operational and financial projections according to the USALI (Uniform System of the Accounts for the Lodging Industry), which impartially identified the camping's future market and business potential. We have calculated the camping's market value according to the Discounted Cash Flow method.

  • Increased awareness of the owners and company executive team on the current and future competitive positioning of the camping site and its future market and business potential
  • An impartial and consistent valuation of the camping site according to RICS and IVS standards